About Kala Cotton

by Rahul Baruah , Posted on June 20, 2020

About Kala Cotton

Kala Cotton

Kala cotton is a value chain of local indigenous variety of cotton of Kachchh. It is a brand representing handloom sector of cept Kachchh weavers. Kala cotton is Jan old-world cotton plant with main features of short to medium staple length and close to semi open boll type. It is suitable for rainfed cultivation. Kala cotton is mainly grown in and around areas of Little Rann of Kachchh (LRK).

Kala Cotton Material

Khamir collaborated with Satvik and Setu to conceptualize and establish the local value chain of Kala cotton by connecting with farmers, spinners, dyers, weavers and printers. It is a value chain of hand woven fabrics based on local skills and natural resources. The value chain gave a new lease of life to Kachchh weaving and many young weavers started coming back to weaving . It also helped to revive the yarn dyeing with natural dyes in the area.

The two layered masks made our of Kala cotton holds good quality of smooth breathing, which is a specialty of a handloom fabric.

Kala Cotton V7V Double Layered Mask

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