Hand Block printing of Kachchh

by Rahul Baruah , Posted on June 21, 2020

Hand Block printing of Kachchh

Hand Block Printing of Kachchh

The hand block printing of Kachchh is an ancient textile craft. The craft originate in Sindh and migrated to Kutch with Khatri community artisans. The main centers of crafts in Kachchh are Ajrakhpur, Dhamdka, Khavda etc.

The fabric is made with a long process of natural dyeing and hand block printing resulted in stunning designs on fabric. The Ajrakh is a dominant design form and identity of Kachchh block printing. The block printing craft provides livelihoods to more than 1200 artisan families in Kutch.

The mask developed by Khamir are made of block printed and natural dyed cotton fabric.

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