Home Decor Trends 2020

by Sneha Debnath , Posted on June 12, 2020

Home Decor Trends 2020

Natural and Sustainable furniture materials

Rattan, Bamboo and Cane


As we look forward towards the interior and material trends in 2020, love for natural and earth-friendly materials is gravitating. Love for natural furniture can help us in moving a step forward for sustainability. Rattan and wicker furniture, cane and bamboo furniture add a natural touch, design and style to the desired space.



Bamboo Blinds, Cane Book Shelf, Rattan Cane Bamboo Storage


Rwanda Baskets

Wall Decor 2020

“Agaseke”, known as the traditional Rwandan baskets, weaved by the women of Rwanda is a symbol of peace in Rwandan culture. Rwanda woven baskets serve beautiful as wall decor or functional tableware to hold fruits and vegetables or a centerpiece on a table. It is a classic wall decor complementing an artisan-inspired look.

Natural and Sustainable Wall Decor Ideas

Rattan, Bamboo, Cane and Mirror

Creative wall decor can transform a whole space or a room. Handcrafted bamboo baskets, rattan and wicker baskets bring creativity and class to one's interiors. Adding handicrafts and mirrors on walls expands and brightens up a smaller space.

Hanging weaved baskets of different sizes and textures is an aesthetically ornamental idea.





Macramé trends 2020

Hang or Add textured weaves

Macramé and Jute


Weaved macramé rugs, cushion covers, baskets. Coasters or wall hangings with planters is an adorable, intricate texture to add at your space. This Boho style of home decor suits many decor styles.

Handmade jute mats, rugs and decor items give a warm, rustic yet contemporary elegance and style.



Teracotta Trend, Warm Earthen Tones For Your Interior

Earthy tones

Terracotta and ceramic

The interior design color trend for 2020 is incorporating earthy tones at your table decor, wall decor or interior decor. Putting up a pastel shade terracotta teapot or dinnerware at your dining table or tea table can be a focal point of the space.

Earthy colors in Terracotta and ceramic home decor create a calming environment and adds an organic and cultural appeal.