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Color: Black brown

Size: 17mm

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Item Id: 1985



  • Helps in Good Respiratory Health : Clove oil helps in treating bronchitis, cold and cough including asthma. Clove consists of oil that will soothe your respiratory tract.

  • Fights Cancer : Cloves are said to prevent you from cancerous tumours and aids in the death of cancerous cells. Eugenol is the major property of clove that helps prevent cancer.

  • Helps in Dental Health : The best remedy for curbing toothache is to place one piece of clove in your mouth and moist them with your saliva and then gently start chewing them.
  • Prevents Diabetes : Nigericin is the major compound found in cloves that help prevent diabetes.

  • Aids in Good Digestion : There are certain compounds found in cloves that can reduce stomach ulcers and this is caused due to the oil that cloves contain.


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