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Organic White Tea (Golden White)

Organic White Tea (Golden White)

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Per Packet: 100gm

What is White Tea?

White tea is known to be one of the most delicate tea varieties because it is so minimally processed. White tea is harvested before the tea plant’s leaves open fully, when the young buds are still covered by fine white hairs, hence the name “white” tea.

These buds and unfurled leaves from the newest growth on the tea plant are handpicked and then quickly and meticulously dried, so the leaves are not allowed to oxidize as long as leaves plucked for green or black tea production. This minimal processing and low oxidation results in some of the most delicate and freshest tea available.

How to brew?

1. Boil the water until it reaches a temperature of 75-85 degree Celsius(170-185 degree Fahrenheit).
2. Let it sit for a minute or so before adding tea leaves.
3. Add 2 teaspoons of white tea leaves to the water for a cup of tea.
4. Let it mix steep for approximately 5 to 8 minutes or more than that, depending on your preference.
5. Strain and transfer the tea to a cup.
6. Add the sweetener and your cup of white tea is ready!

You can brew a pot of four or five times and still get the same flavour, though it does become lighter. We would also advise against adding milk or sugar – the raw taste is so exquisite, nothing should be allowed to detract from it.


What are the benefits of White Tea?

White tea contains a number of bioactive chemicals such as flavonoids, caffeine, fluoride and theanine. White tea contains antioxidant and immune-boosting properties that improve human health. The largest antioxidant in white tea are polyphenols, known as catechins (part of the chemical family of flavonoids). White tea buds have high concentrations of these properties because the young leaves are not oxidized or fermented when processed.

  1. Helps In Weight Loss
  2. Aids In The Treatment Of Acne
  3. Can Be Beneficial In Pregnancy
  4. Helps In The Treatment Of Cancer
  5. Improves Hair And Skin Health
  6. Can Help In The Treatment Of Diabetes
  7. Enhances Energy And Alertness
  8. Helps Reduce Inflammation
  9. Can Be Beneficial To The Kidneys
  10. Improves Liver Health
  11. Is Good For The Heart
  12. Is Good For The Teeth
  13. Improves Reproductive Health
  14. Hypothyroidism
  15. Can Improve Memory
  16. Anti-Aging
  17. Helps In Digestion
  18. Tonsillitis
  19. Bad breathings disorder etc.

Production Capacity

1000 kg per year


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