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Straw Bags, Bamboo Cane Furniture, Cane Rattan Items, Natural Bamboo Lamps and Lighting, all handmade crafts

Manufacturer and Global Exporter of customized, premium handicraft items viz. Soft Straw bags, Straw baskets, Straw mats, Bamboo and Cane crafts, Natural Bamboo lamps, Kitchenware, and other handmade crafts. We believe in Competitive pricing, Timely delivery, Quality assurance and Hassle free Replacement & Returns.

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Bamboo tray with handle Set of 100(#1895) -
Bulk Available

Bamboo tray with handle Set of 100

80.00 - 85.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)
Bamboo round Tray multi color Set of 100(#1894) -
Bulk Available

Bamboo round Tray multi color Set of 100

78.00 - 85.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)
Bamboo round Tray Color Set of 100(#1893) -
Bulk Available

Bamboo round Tray Color Set of 100

30.00 - 40.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)

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Face Shield 240 Micron(#1389) -
Bulk Available

Face Shield 240 Micron

90.00 - 100.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)

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Wooden rectangular Tray SI3(#1932) -
Bulk Available

Wooden rectangular Tray SI3

750.00 - 800.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
Wooden Chopsticks SI2(#1931) -
Bulk Available

Wooden Chopsticks SI2

250.00 - 300.00
2000 pieces (Min. Order)

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3M 8210 Particulate Respirator(#1783) -
Bulk Available

3M 8210 Particulate Respirator

115.00 - 194.00
50000 pieces (Min. Order)
n95 (pack of 10)(#1395) -
Bulk Available

n95 (pack of 10)

60.00 - 65.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
kN 95 Mask (Pack of 10)(#1394) -
Bulk Available

kN 95 Mask (Pack of 10)

100.00 - 105.00
300 pieces (Min. Order)

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Ansell Micro Touch Micro Thin Nitrile(#2267) -
Bulk Available

Ansell Micro Touch Micro Thin Nitrile

1,469.00 - 1,469.00
2000000 boxes (Min. Order)
Duesberg Nitrile Blue Gloves(#2196) -
Bulk Available

Duesberg Nitrile Blue Gloves

575.00 - 592.00
2000000 boxes (Min. Order)
Pure Glove(#2195) -
Bulk Available

Pure Glove

578.00 - 625.00
2000000 boxes (Min. Order)
Biotech Nitrile Examination Gloves(#2194) -
Bulk Available

Biotech Nitrile Examination Gloves

527.00 - 545.00
2000000 boxes (Min. Order)
Dolphin Nitrile Gloves(#2193) -
Bulk Available

Dolphin Nitrile Gloves

553.00 - 578.00
2000000 boxes (Min. Order)

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90 GSM Laminated PPE kit(#1397) -
Bulk Available

90 GSM Laminated PPE kit

450.00 - 550.00
500 pieces (Min. Order)

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Hand sanitizer Bottle 200 ml(#1423) -
Bulk Available

Hand sanitizer Bottle 200 ml

80.00 - 85.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
Hand Sanitizer Bottle 100ml(#1422) -
Bulk Available

Hand Sanitizer Bottle 100ml

40.00 - 45.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
Ethanol Based hand sanitizer spray 300ml(#1421) -
Bulk Available

Ethanol Based hand sanitizer spray 300ml

165.00 - 170.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)

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Hands- free Sanitizer Stand(#1391) -
Bulk Available

Hands- free Sanitizer Stand

1,400.00 - 1,550.00
50 pieces (Min. Order)
Hands-free Sanitizer Stand(#1390) -
Bulk Available

Hands-free Sanitizer Stand

1,400.00 - 1,550.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)

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Infrared Thermometer(#1398) -
Bulk Available

Infrared Thermometer

1,500.00 - 1,800.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)

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Wicker Shopping Bag(#2071) -
Bulk Available

Wicker Shopping Bag

900.00 - 1,000.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)
Wicker Laundry Basket Spa Tray Hotel Room Tray(#2064) -
Bulk Available

Wicker Laundry Basket Spa Tray Hotel Room Tray

900.00 - 1,100.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)
Wicker Hanging Basket Set of Three(#2063) -
Bulk Available

Wicker Hanging Basket Set of Three

600.00 - 700.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)
Wicker Flower Basket set of three(#2062) -
Bulk Available

Wicker Flower Basket set of three

600.00 - 700.00
100 pieces (Min. Order)

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