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Manufacturer and Global Exporter of customized, premium handicraft items Straw bags, Straw baskets, Straw mats, Bamboo and Cane crafts, Natural Bamboo lamps, Kitchenware, and other handmade believe in Competitive pricing, Timely delivery, Quality assurance and Hassle free Replacement & Returns.


Seagrass Baskets

Seagrass Laundry basket(#2677) -
Bulk Available

Seagrass Laundry basket

600.00 - 700.00
200 Pieces (Min. Order)
Seagrass ladies Bag(#2676) -
Bulk Available

Seagrass ladies Bag

650.00 - 700.00
300 Pieces (Min. Order)
Seagrass flower basket set(#2675) -
Bulk Available

Seagrass flower basket set

750.00 - 875.00
100 Set (Min. Order)
Seagrass Book Shelf SET(#2674) -
Bulk Available

Seagrass Book Shelf SET

1,500.00 - 1,750.00
100 Set (Min. Order)
Seagrass Belly Basket Set(#2673) -
Bulk Available

Seagrass Belly Basket Set

1,900.00 - 2,200.00
400 Set (Min. Order)