Setting up Your Online Shop and Sell Online for Free at

by Rahul Baruah , Posted on February 16, 2021

Setting up your online shop with us is Free and Easy. Please follow the instructions below for listing your products with us.

1. Register online at our website

2. Go to "Sell on Getkraft"/"List for Free" link. (For Desktop version, at the top right of the website, and for the Mobile version, at the bottom of the pop-up menu bar. Refer to the images below.)

Desktop Site
Mobile Site

3. At the Shop Setup form, enter the details along with your shop logo and banner(optional). Please enter the shop address for approval of your online shop.

4. After that, go to "My Products" tab and start listing your Products.

5. Also, don't forget to add your Cancellation and Return policy in the "Terms and Policy" link.

Regarding the Products Images and Details, please follow the below guidelines:-

1. Provide good quality images.

2. Provide a clear description of your products including materials used.

3. Always mention the dimensions of the product.

Product Pricing:-

Once your item is sold, we will deduct a service charge of 10%-15% (depending on your product category) of your Total Amount paid by the customer and pay you the remaining balance in your Bank Account, which will be asked in email. So, kindly set the price of the items accordingly including Shipping charges.


For states other than the Northeast Region of India, you will have to handle the shipping yourself and add the Shipping cost during Product listing.  We only provide shipping facilities if your item is in stock with us.

If you have any queries feel free to contact us anytime.