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Kaya Basket (With Handle)(#1264) -

Kaya Basket (With Handle)

100.00 - 160.00
500 pieces (Min. Order)
Areca Leaf Round Bowl(#1130) -

Areca Leaf Round Bowl

2.53 - 3.08
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
Coconut Shell Coffee Cup(#1238) -

Coconut Shell Coffee Cup

105.00 - 130.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
Disposable Areca Leaf Round Plate(#1129) -

Disposable Areca Leaf Round Plate

6.44 - 8.00
1000 pieces (Min. Order)
Handmade Bamboo Mug(#1228) -
10% Off

Handmade Bamboo Mug

360.00 400.00
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Attractive Striped Natural Straw Handbag(#975) -
10% Off

Attractive Striped Natural Straw Handbag

490.00 - 900.00
50 pieces (Min. Order)
Large Natural Straw Handbag with colored patterns(#592) -
13% Off

Large Natural Straw Handbag with colored patterns

615.00 - 1,150.00
30 pieces (Min. Order)
Natural Straw U-Shaped Fancy Handbag with Long Handles(#967) -
15% Off

Natural Straw U-Shaped Fancy Handbag with Long Handles

590.00 - 1,100.00
30 pieces (Min. Order)
Natural Straw Cylindrical Barrel Bag With long Leather Belt(#1111) -

Natural Straw Cylindrical Barrel Bag With long Leather Belt

665.00 - 1,160.00
50 pieces (Min. Order)
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When designing products our goal is to encourage reuse and repeat use. That's why we work hard to create designs, select fabrics and pick colours that are classic and long lasting. We do this so that our products never look dated and never go out of style.

Tote Bag Womens Tote Bag IndiaPositive Challenge Tote ( Tricolor variant ) - getkraft.comFrame Paper and Metal Stand Sare Jahaan Se Achha Frame (7 inch x 9 inch Gold) - getkraft.comClean Planet Womens Sling Bag (Blue) Indigo Block Printed - getkraft.comPouch Handcrafted Khadi PouchClutch for Women CasualToiletryTravelCosmetic Eco-friendly Green -

ATHENA Shokunin is a passion for handcrafted homemade products curated with loads of love and care. Bath and Body Essentials that are composed of organic and natural material making a call towards sustainable living.Home décor is one of the thought about the aspect in every house-hold, making a move to use the only natural and high-grade organic material for all the products under this category is what Athena Shokunin is working for. Keeping the old school Knitting and Crocheting passion while reaching out to people and delighting them with just the same love that Grannies did.Whilst keeping the Dream Catchers as the cultural artefact that they are rather than making them some regular wall decoration.Preserving and presenting the original form of all that nature has to offer and at the same time giving back a little at a time to protect the environment from harmful chemicals and materials that have become a huge part of human lives.

Caeleste Votive Lavender Aroma Candle - getkraft.comGreen Square Votive Aroma Candle Set of 4 - getkraft.comCandy Jar Votive Lavender Candle - getkraft.comPleasant Teal Pillar Candles Set of 3 -

Avnii Organics is the initiative taken by the Group of Artisans, Weavers & Farmers. In the land of Himalayas, Amidst River Ganga, Avnii is an attempt to promote our Traditional Heritage, along with Natural & Organic Products across the world. In our Crafts & Handlooms Category we have Moonj Grass Products, Hand Made Baskets, Hand Made Trays, Hand Loom & Traditional Art Products.

Weavers Direct Traditional Indian Handicraft Wooden Toys for Kids and Great for Christmas TreeHouse DecorationCan be Used in Garments Accessories Elegant Elephant Design (Pack of 2) - getkraft.comWeavers Beautiful Handmade Round Shaped Moonj Sea Grass Small Multi-Utility Storage Basket with Lid Used for Multi Storage(Green Combination) - getkraft.comAvnii Organics Hand Woven Round Shaped Basket Moonj GrassSea Grass Basket with Lid Used as Casserole to Serve ChapatiCan Also be Used to Keep Jewellery Or Dry Fruits (Color-Red) - getkraft.comWeavers Direct Traditional Indian Handicraft Wooden Toys for Kids and Great for Christmas TreeHouse DecorationCan be Used in Garments Accessories Elegant Parrot Design (Pack of 2) -

A Venture into Double Fired Terracotta Pottery. Preserving India's oldest yet dying art form and reviving the ethnicity.

Dahi Handi (500 ml) - getkraft.comMiniature Decor Set - getkraft.comDahi Handi (750 ml) - getkraft.comDinner Set for Two -