Natural Straw Handbags

Handmade Eco-friendly and unique Bags made of Natural Straw / Natural Grass. Below, we have a large collection of Straw bags for you to choose from.

Natural Straw Handmade Bag(#982) - getkraft.com

Natural Straw Handmade Bag

Natural Straw Large Picnic Bag(#979) - getkraft.com
20% Off

Natural Straw Large Picnic Bag

920.00 1,150.00
Natural Straw Oval Zally Handbag(#973) - getkraft.com
30% Off

Natural Straw Oval Zally Handbag

980.00 1,400.00

Jute Handbags

Jute Bags provides a large amount of space and is a great looking accessory for your outdoor cravings.

Bamboo Handbags

Handmade, Handicraft Bamboo bags give you the actual feel of carrying eco-friendly and a natural product with you. Flaunt your love for ethnic fashion accessories with these bags. These bags provide a good amount of space for day to day use.

Bamboo Gaia Handbag(#460) - getkraft.com

Bamboo Gaia Handbag

Bamboo Purse(#459) - getkraft.com

Bamboo Purse

Bamboo Purse(#458) - getkraft.com

Bamboo Purse


Sitalpati Seagrass Handbags

An exotic collection of handmade handbags made out of a material Sitalpati/Seagrass. Sitalpati is made from cane or from murta plants.These bags are strong and lightweight which make them incredibly comfortable to carry around.

Sital Pati Handmade Clutch(#618) - getkraft.com

Sital Pati Handmade Clutch


Cane Rattan Handbags

Check our awesome collection of Handmade Handbags made from Natural Cane/Rattan.

Rattan Sling Bag(#998) - getkraft.com

Rattan Sling Bag

Rattan Net Handbag(#994) - getkraft.com

Rattan Net Handbag

Cane Leather Designer Sling Bag(#638) - getkraft.com
25% Off

Cane Leather Designer Sling Bag

1,650.00 2,200.00

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