Natural Straw Handbags

Handmade Eco-friendly and unique Bags made of Natural Straw / Natural Grass. Below, we have a large collection of Straw bags for you to choose from.

Bamboo Handbags

Handmade, Handicraft Bamboo bags give you the actual feel of carrying eco-friendly and a natural product with you. Flaunt your love for ethnic fashion accessories with these bags. These bags provide a good amount of space for day to day use.

Bamboo Gaia Handbag(#460) - getkraft.com

Bamboo Gaia Handbag

Bamboo Purse(#459) - getkraft.com

Bamboo Purse

Bamboo Purse(#458) - getkraft.com

Bamboo Purse


Sitalpati Seagrass Handbags

An exotic collection of handmade handbags made out of a material Sitalpati/Seagrass. Sitalpati is made from cane or from murta plants.These bags are strong and lightweight which make them incredibly comfortable to carry around.

Cane Rattan Handbags

Check our awesome collection of Handmade Handbags made from Natural Cane/Rattan.

Rattan Sling Bag(#998) - getkraft.com

Rattan Sling Bag

Rattan Net Handbag(#994) - getkraft.com

Rattan Net Handbag

Cane Leather Designer Sling Bag(#638) - getkraft.com
25% Off

Cane Leather Designer Sling Bag

1,650.00 2,200.00

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