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About Us: Online Marketplace Natural & Handicraft Items India

About us is an online marketplace to Buy and Sell Eco Friendly, Handmade, Natural & Organic Items. Our mission is to promote the creativity & uniqueness of the people of India.We make our sincere efforts to provide security and satisfaction to both customers and sellers/artisans.

When we build community and share brilliant ideas, we empower each other and create our own path. Anything is possible.

Grow your Business with Getkraft.

Our Story

A few likeminded friends, after perceiving the condition of the Rural Artisans and underutilized resources of Assam and the North-Eastern States India, set out on a journey to improve the lives of the struggling Artisans. This motivated us to kickstart Getkraft. We are currently living in the Information Age where Internet is making this world smaller and hence easier to communicate with one another.

Getkraft was founded in the mid of 2013 with a motive to support the people of N.E India. After a brief market survey, the number of queries were mind boggling and thereby led us to expand in a larger scale.

As a startup we had to face many struggles, we were reached by many buyers and exporters with huge demands for handcrafted products that were not practically possible by few artisans who had to compete with international markets and global standards. There were lack of new designs and didn’t fit the current global market trends.

To tackle this problem, B2B architecture was implemented along with various clusters. Post incorporation, we had explored a large market across the country and processed 20,000 products worldwide engaging 1000 artisans within a span of 6 months. Eventually, the team expanded from 3 to 11 energetic members with different skillsets sharing the same vision. We are working 24x7 to provide a better customer service and fulfil every order outreaching the artisans from remote & isolated parts of N.E India to help them sustain a better livelihood. We are also carriying out R&D for new designs & raw material processing for better product durability.

We are Manufacturer and Global Exporter of customized, premium handicraft items viz. Soft Straw bags, Straw baskets, Straw mats, Bamboo and Cane crafts, Natural Bamboo lamps, Kitchenware, and other handmade crafts. We believe in Competitive pricing, Timely delivery, Quality assurance and Hassle free Replacement & Returns. At present, we are engaging atleast 1500 artisans per month in various parts of N.E India.

Our vision is to become a globally trusted brand for eco-friendly, natural, organic & handmade products from North East India.

Achievements & Awards

Green Business Challange 2019 Winner

Winner of Green Business Challenge, 2019

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