Decorative Items

Wooden Crafts

Each of these creative Wood Craft items are designed by Professional craftsmen from North-East India. Wooden crafts can surely bring authenticity and elegance to you crafts collection and the overall home decor.

Feng Shui Wooden Eagle(#260) -
30% Off

Feng Shui Wooden Eagle

12,600.00 18,000.00
Wooden Rhino(#259) -

Wooden Rhino

Wooden Rhino(#258) -
40% Off

Wooden Rhino

2,100.00 3,500.00

Bamboo Crafts

Well designed and intricately Handcrafted, Handmade Bamboo products can uplift the mood and bring a trendy atmosphere to your house. Check our collection.

Bamboo Multipurpose Box(#930) -

Bamboo Multipurpose Box

Bamboo Cylindrical Box(#927) -

Bamboo Cylindrical Box

Simple Stylish Bamboo Mirror(#916) -

Simple Stylish Bamboo Mirror


Kauna Crafts

The collection of Kauna crafts we have are exquisitely designed by our professional artisans. Eco-friendly kauna crafts are made from kauna grass (water reed grass) to give you a feel of nature while decorating your home.

Kauna Jewellery Box(#894) -
25% Off

Kauna Jewellery Box

1,050.00 1,400.00
Kouna Handmade Tissue Box(#791) -

Kouna Handmade Tissue Box

Kauna Mini Bag 7x8 inch(#786) -

Kauna Mini Bag 7x8 inch

Kauna Handmade Cushion(#782) -

Kauna Handmade Cushion

Small Kauna Jewellery Box(#515) -

Small Kauna Jewellery Box


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