Natural Straw Baskets

Our collection of baskets are made from Natural Straw (kauna/water reed grass), perfect for everyday use. Handmade Baskets can be a part of your living room or bedroom decor or for storing your essentials at home.

Bamboo Baskets

Here we present some elegantly handcrafted Bamboo Baskets. Our Professional artisans design and make these baskets with utter hardwork and dedication to give you products of the best quality.

Cane Baskets

Stunning woven cane/rattan baskets available in wide range of sizes and designs. Storage Baskets, Laundry Baskets, Gift Baskets and much more.

Cane Rattan Small Basket(#1117) -

Cane Rattan Small Basket

Rattan Oval Planter Basket(#1000) -

Rattan Oval Planter Basket

Rattan Planter Basket(#999) -

Rattan Planter Basket

Rattan Cane Basket with Lid(#991) -

Rattan Cane Basket with Lid

Multipurpose Cane Matka Basket(#891) -

Multipurpose Cane Matka Basket

Cane Multipurpose Matka Basket(#889) -

Cane Multipurpose Matka Basket

Simple Rattan Bin Basket(#876) -

Simple Rattan Bin Basket

Cane Multipurpose Box(#637) -
10% Off

Cane Multipurpose Box

1,125.00 1,250.00

Palm Leaf Baskets

Beautifully weaved Baskets made from Palm Leaf extracted from a Palm Tree. These leaves are dyed based on the design and other requirements. Our collection include baskets, boxes, trays, laundry bins, purses, coaster, etc.