Mekhela Chadar

Mekhela Chadar (Assamese: মেখেলা চাদৰ, English: Mekhela Chadar) is the indigenous traditional Assamese attire, very similar to other traditional dresses of Southeast Asia (Sarong) worn by women of all ages.

Hats and Caps

Collection of finely made Natural Handmade Hats and Caps that are a great accessory to add style to your look, protection against the weather and provide proper breathability.

Natural Straw Summer Hat with Laces Water Reed Straw Hat(#852) -

Natural Straw Summer Hat with Laces Water Reed Straw Hat

485.00 - 850.00
50 pieces (Min. Order)
Stylish Kauna Water Reed Hat(#783) -

Stylish Kauna Water Reed Hat

465.00 - 850.00
50 pieces (Min. Order)
Straw Hat(#621) -

Straw Hat

Sitalpati Seagrass Hat(#620) -

Sitalpati Seagrass Hat

Natural Straw Casual Hat Unisex(#619) -

Natural Straw Casual Hat Unisex

390.00 - 666.00
50 pieces (Min. Order)


Add to your Footwear styles from our collection of Ethnic, Stylish Handmade Slippers and Shoes made by some of the most Skilled Artisans in North-east India.

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