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Dried Flowers

Item Id: 2822

Dried flowers are all about lively hues with the essence of summer and spring vibes that cheer up the corners of your home decor. Right from bright tones to natural rustic vintage looks, you can experiment with any look with your favourite dried blossoms.

Dried flowers being versatile in nature, can be either tied in a bouquet or can also be used as single stems to use as vase fillers for other flower arrangements.You get an easy option to create a colourful botanical display and liven up the empty, dull corners of your home decor with dried flower decor items.


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Home Decor lamps, dried flower, lanterns, sabai grass baskets, floor lamps, personalized star map, canvas wall art, online cushion covers, candle holders vintage, decor jars, ceramic home decor, crockery online, dinnerware india, kids bedsheet, vases online, flower bouquets,

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