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Shivay Handicrafts provide a wide range of handcrafted products

We believe Indigenite to be more of a movement than a platform to the artists. In this fast paced life, it has become a challenge to stay relevant and identifying individuality, with Indigenite, we are honouring the artists who are the torchbearers of the Indian heritage and crafts in this 21st century, who are honing their craft and showing the world a glimpse of Indian Craftsmanship at its best. At its core indigenite is a state of being. Being one with yourself, knowing ones roots and deriving life from it.The way nature is built, any standing structure, be it a tree or a bridge requires a strong foundation and as for humanity, the foundation comes from ones culture. Indigenite brings you closer to culture and enables to exist in a rich, deeply rooted and ancient culture. You are what you think you are and the indigenous heritage enables you to ignite the higher being in you.

Shop the exclusive range of home decor products right at your place with just a click on your mobile phone. From the traditional vintage theme to the trendiest modern & chic boho looks, Whispering Homes have all of them to offer. Whispering Homes is just the right destination to experience the best online shopping for decorative home decor items. Presenting handpicked treasure of eclectic home decor products, Whispering Homes introduces different trendy home decor items according to several theme decor styles.

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Ramp Up your Fashion & Lifestyle with elegant Handicraft Macrame Sling bags, Earrings, Hairbands, Wall hangings, Plant hanger, chandelier & much more. All our products are handmade to perfection with best quality material.

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Sabai grass handmade Eco- friendly product's store


We sale all type of wooden furniture, home decor items

We are specialized in handcrafted items made with Macrame, wool, and Ceramics.

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এTEA KOLI arises from a small dream to provide the best possible quality natural tea without any artificial mixing, STRAIGHT FROM THE FARM to the people. We also aspire to share the knowledge of & about benefits of natural tea as much as possible. Straight from Farm as i'm the cultivator ,No fancy names or attractive presentation Let our Tea Do the talking.Assam Natural Taste & flavor's u get straight from our leaves

I make crochet goodies and artificial jewelry for every occasion. My handmade gifts are shipped all over India.

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