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Enactus is a student-run, non profit organization which takes up social entrepreneurship projects in order to impact the lives of people in need through the positive power of business. Enactus Ramjas has taken up projects catering to various sustainable development goals, in 10 years we have worked on 8 projects, created 182 Entrepreneurs and impacted thousands of lives. Unnati Stores is an initiative integrating innovation & affordability to make waste management the norm and not a privilege.We, at Unnati Stores, have devised eco-friendly models of home composters. These innovative composters will be made by the potters of the Kumhar Colony, thereby acting as an opportunity to create an alternative source of earning for them by diversifying their products and saving their endangered business.

Terracotta Composter -

Manufacturer and Global Exporter of customized, premium handicraft items Straw bags, Straw baskets, Straw mats, Bamboo and Cane crafts, Natural Bamboo lamps, Kitchenware, and other handmade believe in Competitive pricing, Timely delivery, Quality assurance.

Wooden Bamboo Cane Apple Chair - Getkraft.comCane Munda stool - Getkraft.comBamboo Cane chair - Getkraft.comFancy Cane Stools - Getkraft.comcane sofa set - Getkraft.comMOON RATTAN WICKER MIRROR -

এTEA KOLI arises from a small dream to provide the best possible quality natural tea without any artificial mixing, STRAIGHT FROM THE FARM to the people. We also aspire to share the knowledge of & about benefits of natural tea as much as possible. Straight from Farm as i'm the cultivator ,No fancy names or attractive presentation Let our Tea Do the talking.Assam Natural Taste & flavor's u get straight from our leaves

Our Aim is to Change the Social Stigma and increase the awareness in India around one of the most misunderstood plants, Cannabis sativa or simply Hemp. Hemp has now been classified as a super food in the Western World and it has always been an integral part of our Indian culture. It is one of the five essential plants mentioned in the Vedas, along with Soma and barley. It is part of our medicinal and spiritual culture.We source our seeds directly from farms of Uttarakhand, the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, we process the raw material at our own facility thereby maintaining a high quality control at every level.

Cure By Design Therapeutic Healing Blend Roll on - Relaxation - Getkraft.comCure By Design Hemp Saffron Tumeric Facewash - Getkraft.comCure By Design Hemp Avocado Coniditoner - Getkraft.comCure By Design Hemp Charocal Tea Tree Oil Facewash - Getkraft.comCure By Design Therapeutic Healing Blend - Sleep Assisting - Getkraft.comCure By Design Hemp Hearts 500gm -

I make crochet goodies and artificial jewelry for every occasion. My handmade gifts are shipped all over India.

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Divaah Crafts is committed towards the upliftment of traditional artisans of Odisha and making them financially independent. Divaah Crafts is working towards encouraging and helping the handicraft and handloom artisans of Odisha to keep the traditional art forms alive. These handicrafts Sabai Grass Products, Golden Grass Products, Date Plam Products, Dhokra Art, Tribal Paintings, Jewellery & Handloom Sarees have also earned the World endless love. Hence, we bring to you handiworks directly here from Odisha under one roof.

Wall Hanging - Getkraft.comMat - Getkraft.comWall Decor - Getkraft.comSabai Grass Mat - Getkraft.comWall Decor - Getkraft.comFruit Basket Tray -

All our products are handcrafted by artisans living in remote villages of India. These artists need you to make a living. By buying a handmade product from us you're giving these Indian artists and artisans hope while keeping your creative needs alive. Indian artists indeed have a unique way of making anything beautiful out of literally nothing. They find utility even in dried grass or simply continue with an ancient technique of extracting natural color from nature itself. Embrace their art in your very own surroundings.

We manufacture Handmade USB Plugin night lamp,

We sell handmade cushion covers unique designs that you'll not find anywhere else.

We are the manufacturer and supplier of brass handicrafts. We have a wide range of products that includes: Wall Hangings, Puja Essentials, home decor products and a lot more. We have a large variety of statues in the form of Hindu Gods and goddesses like the Nataraja, lord Ganesha, Lord Shiva, God of love-Krishna, God Vishnu, Goddess Durga, Goddess Saraswati, Goddess Lakshmi, The Divine god- Buddha. We also deal in gifting items for every occasion specially for Deepawali which includes economical corporate gifting products. Single article or bulk order, we deal in both the segments. Our team tries to deliver you the finest handcrafted products on time at the most affordable price. Customer satisfaction being the most important motivator, our professionals work with great zeal and diligence in order to meet the needs and expectations of various clients. So place your order now! Trust us, You won’t be disappointed :)

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Gone are the days when eco-friendly decor was a thing only hippies cared about. As we've all become more mindful of our planet, a product’s life cycle, and our role between the two, the design world has inevitably experienced a shift toward sustainable production. You could say we're in the middle of an eco-renaissance.Here's a roundup of the coolest sustainable high-concept home decor to keep you both creatively inspired and in touch with the latest environmental efforts out there.

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