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Bamboo blind with horizontal slats

Bamboo blind with horizontal slats

Material: Bamboo

Color: Wheat

Flavour: Natural, Contemporary

Product Description ↓
Item Id: 1409

Bamboo never stops to amaze us with the natural touch it adds to our interiors. This bamboo blind with horizontal slats will put on a natural texture in your interiors. This blind will completely block out the sunlight. The item is meant for the external use and it is protected against sun and rains. Pair it with a money plant in a terracotta planter kept neat at the window slab or just beside your windows. 

Dimensions of the window blind - 6"*4" or 7"*5". 

No worry! However, we cater according to your customized sizes. 

Care Instructions: Use a soft clean cloth for dusting, vacuuming. Damp cleaning with a soft, damp cloth.


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