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Cane Sofa Set Eco-friendly for Home Office Use

Cane Sofa Set Eco-friendly for Home Office Use

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Product details:

Material used:  Cane

Colour: Natural


Double sofa length: 5 feet

                   width: 1.5 feet

Single sofa length: 2 feet

                   width: 1.5 feet

Table length: 2.5 feet

                width: 1.8 feet



A cane double seater and two single sofa set is a popular choice for furnishing a living room or outdoor space. The set typically includes a double seater sofa made of cane or wicker, two single seater sofas and a tea table that match the design and material of the double seater.

Cane is a durable and lightweight material that is often used for outdoor furniture due to its resistance to moisture and weathering. It also has a natural aesthetic that can add a rustic or tropical feel to a space.The double seater sofa typically has two cushions for seating, and may also come with additional cushions for back support. The single seater sofas are usually designed with one cushion for seating.These types of sofas are a great option for those who value comfort and style. They are versatile enough to be used indoors or outdoors, and can be paired with other cane or wicker furniture to create a cohesive look.

Handcrafted handmade Cane Sofa Set of the best quality made from Cane originating from North-east India.


Once the product is ordered , it may takes a minimum of 15-20 days for delivery.




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