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Mini Mobile Case (Multicolored)

Mini Mobile Case (Multicolored)

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Material used : Water Hyacinth


This Mobile Case made from Water Hyacinth and dyed in Attractive colors are simple yet one of a kind. These handcrafted cases bring out the  creativity of our artisans. They are completely Organic in nature.

The fiber from the stems of the Water Hyacinth plants are used to make rope. The rope making process is similar to that of jute rope. It is ensured that the stalks are properly dried and treated to create good quality products. The rope is then wound up around a cane frame to produce an elegant finished product. Traditional basket making and weaving skills are used to create different handicraft products ranging from bags, baskets, furnitures, etc. 

Note : The Mobile cases are not in a combo pack. The price mentioned is for each Case.  



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