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Modern high quality rattan wicker hanging lampshade

Modern high quality rattan wicker hanging lampshade


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Item Id: 2921

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Material used: Rattan

Colour: natural


Height - 14 inch, Diameter - 8 inch.


Suspended in quiet symmetry, these rattan hanging pendant lampshades make a striking statement in monochrome. Their globular forms are reminiscent of exotic fruits, one steeped in a rich ebony while the other boasts a natural beige, both textures speaking of refined craftsmanship. Woven with precision, the rattan strips create a cage-like exterior, yet their hollow centers promise to cast a soft, diffused light, lending an ambience of relaxed sophistication to the space. These lampshades are a testament to the beauty of contrast—not just in color but in the balance between the intricate craftsmanship and the simplicity of their design. Ideal for a contemporary setting that cherishes bold statements and organic materials, they hang as twin beacons of style, proving that functional objects can also be works of art. They are not mere sources of light but symbols of design that respect tradition while embracing modernity.



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