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Rattan round shaped wicker hanging lampshade

Rattan round shaped wicker hanging lampshade


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Item Id: 2905

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Material used: Rattan

Colour: natural


Height - 15 inch, Diameter - 10 inch.


Dangling with grace, the round-shaped rattan lampshade is a marvel of handwoven craftsmanship. The natural hue of the rattan fibers glows with warmth, forming an open weave that casts a playful tapestry of light across the room. It's a testament to skilled artisanship, where every strand tells a story of tradition and meticulous attention to detail. This lampshade isn't just an object; it's a sphere of life, an echo of nature shaped by human hands into a functional piece of art. The curvature of its form mimics the embrace of the earth, while its texture speaks to a simplicity that enriches any living space it adorns. It's more than just a light fixture; it’s a statement of sustainable beauty and a reminder of the textured tapestry of human creativity interlaced with the simplicity of natural materials.



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