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Swastik Tealight Holder Diwali Home Decor (Pack of 1)

Swastik Tealight Holder Diwali Home Decor (Pack of 1)

Color: Gold

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Item Id: 1764

The swastika as a symbol of prosperity and good fortune is widely distributed throughout the ancient and modern world. A person who uses the Swastik symbol during daily puja ritual or who worships this symbol is said to invite good luck, well-being and positivity. 

This tealight holder is decorative, and it will be sure to add a subtle accent of sophistication to any event and to your interiors.  The dim lighting creates an awestruck, serene shadow around the surrounding (back wall). This auspicious designed Votive Holder is made of aluminium coated with Gold plating. Minimal, lightweight and rust-free this adornment is perfect to accessorize your festive as well as home decor. It can also be used in Home Shrines or displayed as a decor item.

A Perfect Gift for all celebrations and ceremonies!


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