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Wicker Willow Laundry Basket

Wicker Willow Laundry Basket

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This is made of wicker. This is durable and  used as a laundry basket, storage basket. This is very fine finished and suitable for all-weather

Make- Handwoven.

Material - Wicker.

 Style- Willow.

Polish- Yes.

Eco- Friendly- 100% natural.

Product Dimension:

Dia: 16 inches

Height:: 20 inches

Material Used: Wicker

Wicker baskets for sale

Eco-Friendly Wicker Willow Laundry baskets. A practical storage solution for almost any room in your home. Thanks to an array of sizes and styles, easily find a basket to suit your needs and space. Use them as an attractive way to store essentials in every room throughout your home. These accessories are very useful in a living room where they can be used to store extra throws, scatter cushions and blankets. They can also be used to store firewood next to your fireplace. Baskets are a great alternative to hold your favorite indoor pot plant with its natural charm. If you have young children, keep the clutter at bay in the living room by using a large wicker basket to store toys. They are particularly useful for items like soft toys that can simply be thrown in the basket without much thought. Fill shelves with similar designs to create a striking visual effect. They are great for storing craft items like wrapping paper. Organize your sports gear like tennis racquets, cricket bats, balls and helmets in a tall basket. You can even use them in the kitchen for storing items like root vegetables, dry goods, and other groceries.  

Add functional, but stylish storage space to your home. Browse our diverse range of baskets, boxes, chests, and hooks, available in various shapes, sizes, and designs.  

Our baskets are handcrafted from natural products, please allow 5% tolerance on all measurements

Note: When the product is not available, it will take a minimum of 7-14 days for production and delivery.


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