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Natural Straw Trendy Round Hat

Natural Straw Trendy Round Hat

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Item Id: 850

Material: Natural Straw (Water Hyacinth)

Kauna is a local term for a reed popularly known as Water Reed which is cultivated in the wetlands.

It has a cylindrical, soft, spongy stem which is woven into Headwears, Mats, Cushions and Mattresses. 

Hats made from Water Reed are Durable, keep you cool while providing you with important UV-protection. High Quality Hats with a mesh topping allows for incredible breathability. 

Kauna Hats Go flawlessly with any Casual wear. It is light in Weight and easy to Pack for Travelling. They are ideal for both Men and Women. 


Diameter of the Hat- 19 inch

Diameter of the Head- 7.5 inch

Depth- 4.5 inch

Once the product is ordered, it will take a minimum of 5-7 days for delivery. 


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